Our Labrador Retriever puppies



Hickory Nut Kennels pups are bred from the finest Scottish stock available stateside. James Waldrop has been breeding and training British Labrador Retrievers for more than 35 years and is very selective in the Sire and Dam he matches for breeding. This careful study and consideration results in fit and healthy puppies. That's why all our puppies come with a 1-year guarantee on eyes and 2-year guarantee on hips. We stand behind our puppies 100%!


All of our puppies are socialized to a number of people and situations from the time they are born. We are there at the birth of each pup and work to make them confident and loving.


Hickory Nut Kennels puppies are the picture perfect example of the temperament of the British Labrador Retriever - outgoing, happy, mild mannered, and easy to train. They are laid back labs who want to spend their days (and nights) with their human family.


Our pups are played with each day to teach them early retrieving ability and to provide good daily exercise so they are well conditioned and happy. They are bred to high standards to ensure their ability to be a fit working dog or couch potato companion.

And most importantly....loved

Hickory Nut Kennel labrador puppies are raised in a loving home where each puppy gets one-on-one attention and play time each day. It's a lot of work but it's worth it in the end when we see one of our happy and healthy babies go to their new loving families.